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St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

York House

House Teacher Mrs. Leahy and Mrs. Howard
House Captains

KS2 Ruby Woods and Callum Whibberley

KS1 Grace Garner and Archie Cottrill

House Colour Yellow
House Motto Working Together Makes Us Strong

St. Margaret Clitheroe

Margaret Middleton  was born in York in 1556, lived there all her life, and died there on 25 March 1586. At 15, she married John Clitherow and three years later became a Catholic. Imprisoned for not going to church, she taught herself to read and later ran a small school for her own and her neighbours' children. Her husband remained Protestant, but allowed her to hide priests in their house. In 1586, the secret hiding places were discovered and Margaret was put on trial. She refused to plead to the charge in order to prevent her family being endangered, which at that time meant you were automatically guilty. She was therefore punished by being crushed to death.

When a person is killed because of what they believe they are known as a martyr. St. Margaret Clitheroe is also known as "The Pearl of York" and she is the patron saint of York House.