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St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy


House Teacher

Mrs Frewer,  Miss Lonsdale, Mrs Corbett, Mrs Goodchild, Mrs Mawby and Ms Harris

House Captains



House Colour Red
House Motto Do and Say the Right Thing





Matthew, the Evangelist who wrote the Gospel that appears first in the New Testament, was different from the other Apostles. He was not a popular man. Many people felt that he was unworthy to be a chosen as a follower of Jesus. Matthew worked for the Romans as a tax collector. The Romans ruled Palestine and the Jewish people in the time of Jesus. They forced the Jewish people to pay taxes to them. Many of the tax collectors cheated the people by charging more taxes than required and keeping the extra money for themselves. The Jews considered the tax collectors to be traitors.

Matthew wrote his Gospel for Jewish people who had become followers of Christ. He wanted his audience to know that Jesus was the Messiah that God had promised to send to save all people. Matthew’s Gospel makes clear that Jesus is the fulfilment of everything said by the prophets in the Old Testament.

The symbol for Matthew’s Gospel is a man with wings and his feast day is celebrated on September 21st.