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St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Mark House

House Teacher  Miss Carr
House Captains


House Colour Green
House Motto Don't Give Up

The Martyrs

A martyr is someone killed because of their belief. The Padley Martyrs were two Roman Catholic priests; Nicholas Garlick from Glossop, Derbyshire and Robert Ludlam also born in Derbyshire. 

In  the sixteenth century Padley Hall was owned by a Catholic family the Fitzherberts. Being Catholic was dangerous in Elizabethan England and the hall was regularly raided for evidence of Catholic worship. In July 1588 two priests were found hiding within the walls.   Nicholas Garlick and Robert Ludlam were found guilty of high treason and were hung, drawn and quartered at Derby before the month was out. Nicholas Garlick spoke at length to the crowd and it is said that some converted to catholicism from then on. They became known as the ‘Padley Martyrs’ and Padley Hall was confiscated by the Crown, eventually falling into ruin. In 1933 it was restored as a Roman Catholic chapel.