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St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

St. Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Sports Day 2018


On Wednesday 11th July, the sun was shining as we gathered together to celebrate sport and competition, at our annual Sports Day event! Every child took part in at least one of 3 events: the spud and spoon race, the crab or the sprint.

All the children tried their hardest and there were some outstanding performances from all age groups. It was lovely to see the children being competitive and determined but also showing great encouragement and sportsmanship towards each other throughout the afternoon.

Here are the results that each house achieved:

1st Walsingham (80 points)

2nd Canterbury (78 points)

3rd York (61 points)

4th Padley (40 points)

Congratulations to Walsingham House on winning the Sports Day Cup!


Well done to the following children for their amazing achievements.

Spud and Spoon

Year 6 Boys - 1st Max Turner     2nd Lewis Wren      3rd Corey Swindells

Year 6 Girls – 1st Jasmine Ashby         2nd Camilla Clay      3rd Isla Brindley

Year 5 Boys –  1st Jimmy Lynch  2nd Ciaran Keogh    3rd Charlie Greenhalgh

Year 5 Girls – 1st Eleanor Holt    2nd Emmeline McMahon       3rd Ruby Henshaw

Year 4 Boys – 1st Luke Mann       2nd Archie Duffy    3rd Billy Aldred

Year 4 Girls – 1st Emily Birch     2nd Flo Harris-Wood        3rd Wiktoria Rosik

Year 3 Boys - 1st Igor Radziwanowski    2nd Freddie Duffy  3rd Lewis Richardson

Year 3 Girls – 1st Daisy Cockram-Wright       2nd Aoife Keogh     3rd Bella Tagg

Year 2 Boys – 1st Jake Sanchez  2nd Seth Green      3rd Ewan Blair

Year 2 Girls – 1st  Lenna Gieniusz 2nd Alice Niblock    3rd Maddy Balfe-Markowska

Year 1 Boys – 1st Toby Faulkner  2nd Tio Taylor Connaly      3rd George Cockram-Wright

Year 1 Girls – 1st Rohan Kerr        2nd Maisie Hall          3rd Isabella Curwin

Reception Boys – 1st Albert Harret     2nd Oscar Wallice   3rd Evelyn Mellor

Reception Girls – 1st Morven Wrate    2nd Maisie Balf-Markowska      3rd Verity Dawson

Crab Race

Year 6 Boys – 1st Alfie Gissing   2nd Cain Bridge      3rd Archie Moss-Heywood

Year 6 Girls – 1st Camila Clay   2nd Millie Baldwin   3rd Ella Spencer

Year 5 Boys – 1st Aidan Cassidy  2nd Isaac Ochalek  3rd Hamish Thomson

Year 5 Girls – 1st Lucy Frewer   2nd Eva Ross-Cartledge    3rd Olivia Stokes

Year 4 Boys- 1st Max Bartram    1st Adam Mawby     2nd Mark Berry

Year 4 Girls – 1st Jasmine Hall   2nd Asha White      3rd Wiktoria Witbrodt

Year 3 Boys – 1st Jake Sanchez  2nd Igor  Radziwanowski    3rd Ben Fletcher-Wells

Year 3 Girls – 1st Aoife Keogh    2nd Daisy Cockram-White    3rd Samantha Cleary

Year 2 Boys – 1st Reuben Clay     2nd Seth Green      3rd Alfie Holt

Year 2 Girls – 1st Lily Armstrong            2nd Mirriam McGuinness   3rd Mathilde McMahon

Year 1 Boys – 1st Frank Vize       2nd Charlie Hanshaw         3rd

Year 1 Girls – 1st Evelyn Potts 2nd Charlotte Cleary 3rd Alison Eccleston

Reception Boys – 1st Mario Barraclaugh  2nd Owen Rawlinson 3rd Aidan Mann

Reception Girls – 1st Evelyn Mellor       2nd Verity Dawson  3rd Evie Taylor


Year 6 Boys – 1st Lewis Challenger-Smith 2nd Alfie Gissing         3rd Callum Whibberley

Year 6 Girls – 1st Charlotte Chudy 2nd Lottie Godfrey       3rd Ellie Wren

Year 5 Boys – 1st Sam Mycock    2nd Harry Garner   3rd Beau Healy

Year 5 Girls – 1st Eva Ross-Cartledge  2nd Abigail Gissing 3rd Dylan O’Dwyer

Year 4 Boys – 1st Freddie Hinchcliffe  2nd Adam Mawby    3rd Max Bartam

Year 4 Girls – 1st Gracie Kemp 2nd Caitlin Whibberley       3rd Jessica Bradshaw

Year 3 Boys – 1st Sawyer Smith 2nd Joe Clements   3rd Ben Fletcher-Wells

Year 3 Girls – 1st Evie Doughty 2nd Mia Hulse         3rd Nancy Garlic

KS2 Girls – 1st Plum Kidd  2nd Charlotte Henshaw     3rd Evie Taylor

Year 2 Boys – 1st Ewan Blair       2nd Sebastian Raszewska      3rd Caleb Currington

Year 2 Girls – 1st Alana Lynch     2nd Lily Armstrong 3rd Phoebe Ashby

Year 1 Boys – 1st Frank Vize       2nd Bertie Smith    3rd Jack Amdon

Year 1 Girls – 1st Mia Hobson     2nd Phoebe Hollinrake       3rd Charlotte Berry

Reception Boys – Mario Barraclogh 2nd Scott Curwin         3rd Owen Rawlinson

Reception Girls – Cerys Millward 2nd Lily Heywood   3rd     Evie Taylor

Congratulations to the following adults who competed:

Dads Race 1 – 1st John Vize 2nd Andy Lomax   3rd Rick Kir

Dad’s Race 2 – 1st Rick Bartram 2nd Joe Curwin       3rd Neil Armstrong

Mum’s Race – 1st Lisa Blair         2nd Anne Colson      3rd Helen Croft

Teachers Race – 1st Mrs Taylor  2nd Miss Ashmore 3rd Miss Foley       


Thank you to Steve and Andy from High Peak Athletics club and Luke and Josh from Chris Hill Community Sports for helping us organise races.

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported the children track side.

And finally, a huge thank-you to FOSA for setting up gazebos for children to seek shade in and for providing refreshments for all.